book by Gabrielle Wagner Mann
music by Bryan Blaskie
lyrics by Lawrie Chiaro

Synopsis: iWish is a short musical that takes a look at a how a family gets through their dysfunction of addictions to devices in the digital age (with of course, a comedic twist to it).

BECCA – Allie Costa
MOM – Shannon Martinous
DAD – Kila Packett
SPENCER – Luke Klipp



book by Joel Bailey
music by Jan Roper
lyrics by Eve Weston

Synopsis: Photo Finish tells the story of the images that live inside a digital picture frame and what happens when one of them yearns to leave the frame.

CINDY – Allie Costa
DANA – Shannon Martinous
ROY – Luke Klipp
JOHN – Kila Packett



book by Matthew Alexander
music by Erik Przytulski
lyrics by Karla Kelly

Synopsis: TEXT

BRAD – Luke Klipp
LAURA – Allie Costa
DANIEL – Kila Packett
FACEBOOK – Shannon Martinous
TWITTER – Allie Costa
YOUTUBE – Shannon Martinous
AOL – Kila Packett
TEXT – Kila Packett